Description and history:

BerlinerMoment is a filmic project about Berlin, its music and musicians created in 2008 by Stephan Talneau.

> Between 2008 and 2015, more than 60 music films have been produced about countless artists from renowned orchester to exceptional street Musicians. Through the website, it gave to the artists a unique showcase of their work and to the public from all around the world: an opportunity to discover the unique energie of the city from their screen.

> Since 2014, BerlinerMoment produced 10 “Documentary portraits”. It screened them live in special events: “BerlinerMoment LIVE”. Where exclusive films where screened followed by a live performance of the artist.

> In 2015, Stephan Talneau was joined by director Laurent Latappy to produce even more in depth portraits and films around the Music scene and Berlin itself.


Artistic Statement :

Friedrich Nietzsche said: Life without music would be a mistake …

Berlin is a city dominated by an extraordinary artistic and cultural movement. The streets are animated by a ceaseless melody, they all resonate songs, they dazzle painting, it is a place where artists from around the world find themselves and share their talent.

When he returned to Berlin after a few years in France, Stephan Talneau was fascinated by the energy and switched his camera on to never turn it off. He captured just the whole Berlin musical scene, from the streets to the many alternative places sheltered by the city of Berlin. Himself summaries the project by these words: “Berlin is a true art laboratory, musicians are the actors and we, the witnesses”

Berliner Moment is, at first, a video project. For 7 years, it brought to the light many musicians who enchanted the Berliner daily life. It discovered beautiful people, new genres, a bunch of artists from the international scene; always passionate, often exciting. They were all driven by this constant desire to give, to share.

Music has the power to transmit and share, it is indestructible. Berliner Moment is the continuity of all this… It also offers us an intimate and special moment with the city of Berlin and its artists.

All these portraits of artists are reguarly screened at events “BerlinerMoment LIVE”. There, the public is invited to meet an artist through the dissemination of a documentary-portrait, then followed by a concert “Live”. The screen switches off, the artist invade the stage for real, People stand up, and then the music starts. Everybody always dance. It is also the spirit of the project “Berliner Moment“…

These “appointments” are aimed to discover young talents of the Berliner scene, share and bring together all of us around a common passion: Music.


Website by Stephan Talneau

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