Azuleo – la Mula del Mulá

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Music is feeling and passion – and the young musicians from Azuleo mix these properties with the fresh air of the four cardinal points. Their musical background has flamenco and jazz influences, arabic sounds and spanish folklore. Romanticism, tradition and innovation: this international ensemble shines with his own light, given by virtuous guitar, full expressive singing, amazing saxophone sounds, electrifying bass lines and temperamental percussion beats.
I got to know Abel Sanchez and Jonas Ferhenberg two years ago when I filmed them in a small cafe in Berlin. They already worked on an impressive music based on Flamenco and adding on the talent of other musicians. Two years later, we got together again with this project, Azuleo. That night, we were supposed to film in an empty theatre which happened to so empty that we didn’t manage to reachthe owner on the phone! Long story short: we ended to film in my house in Kreuzberg which actually was the first time for me. I got the help of my old friend the musician Antoine Villoutreix who actually revealed himself  great cameraman, especially  being the first he was olding a camera!
Azuleo, la Mula del Mulá
27/02/2013, At home, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera: Stephan Talneau, Antoine Villoutreix, özdeniz Akpolat
Editing: Stephan Talneau

Sound&Mix: Jonas Fehrenberg
Gitarre: Abel Sánchez
Vocal, flute : Elena Botica
Bass: Jonas Fehrenberg
Saxophon: Joseph Carpentier
Percussion, Cajón: Romeo Natour​​​

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Slow Video? > Watch on YOUTUBE
Slow Video? > Watch on YOUTUBE
Slow Video? > Watch on YOUTUBE
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