Cécile Ventola on the roofs of Neukölln

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A small magical moment in the middle of the Berlin summer.
A concert session given on a Parking place in Neukölln, Berlin. People started to sit down and listen, some other started to draw on whatever they found.
I had no camera with me, a friend lend me one and 5minute later I was shooting.
I heard Cécile for the first time a month earlier in the kitchen of a friend, her interpretation of her own songs where just impossible to forget. She just recorded her first EP and is now living in France.
Thanks to Anaïs for the Camera!
CECILE VENTOLA, Dancer in the silence
24/08/2011, Karl-Marx Strasse, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing:
Stephan Talneau
Alexis Dirakis
Cecile Ventola:
myspace/label : Sodade




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