I matti delle giuncaie – Pizzica

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Not long ago, my friend Antoine mentioned he had friends coming to Berlin on tour. “MATTI play acoustic guitar.” he said. “Check their name online.“ With a name like I MATTE DELLE GIUNCAIE”, you can’t blame him for his reluctance, spelling wise. I also had to call them MATTI for a while. Soon after, I met Andrea, the guitarist, in a crowded Bulgarian bar in Neulkoln. Hungover and sleep deprived, he blearily told me what they were doing in Italy. The four of them are all part of larger projects, and came together through friendship and a love for the same music. A daring EP quickly followed, as well as collaboration with folk singer Enrico “Erriquez” Greppi from the band Bandabardò . Then came festivals and concerts in Italy and across the world, before getting into making new music videos. One in Italy, one in Canada and now one here in Berlin with me…!

What got me most was how friendly these guys are, and how they can transform an empty smoke-filled room into a dancing crowd of happy people. After their Berlin show last year, they came back for more. Four concerts in four days… and crazily accepting me to film them outside in the snow, totally hungover.

Much thanks to Petra Nachtmanova and Antoine Villoutreix for their patience and advice, to Claire Monica Burgess for the translation. And to the staff of BadeHause Szimpla, Whitetrash Fastfood and Kaffee Burger for their help with the recording.

I matti delle giuncaie – Pizzica
23,24,25/01/2013, Berlin

Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Mix: Andrea Gozzi

I matti delle giuncaie:

Slow Video? > Watch on YOUTUBE

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