What is “BerlinerMoment LIVE” ?

CompoBerlinerMomentVilla“BerlinerMoment Live” is an event organized by the team behind “BerlinerMoment” where some films can be screened in combination with a live concert of one of the artists present in the film. This experience breaks the barrier of the stage and create a unique link between the audience and the public.


compo-villa-2In the more ambitious event, we reunite several bands from different styles and background. Showing their films and bringing their story to the screen, makes the natural fusion of the different audiences possible! Piano solo can be mixed with balkan music or Gypsy swing can be listened next to turkish folk music.

compo-villaNearly all the artists on the website are available for a BerlinerMoment LIVE evening. If you desire to organise one next to you. You can take contact with our booking agency: Madame zik: www.madame-zik.com - Contact : Aurelie Païta  – Mail: aurelie.paita@gmail.com