Petra Nachtmanova – Bu Yıl Benim YeÅŸil Bağım

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I met Petra Nachtmanova randomly one year ago in the train between Bucarest and Istanbul. She was then trying to dialogue with the Turkish Train conductor who was shouting at us with some notion of Ouzbek she learned in the past.
I realized later on that she was not only skilled in language but also surprising musician passionate in exploring all musics from eastern cultures.
One year later in Berlin, she learned more turkish and play the Saz. She’s part of four musical projects in four different language: The Bulgarian Voices Berlin, the Choir of the Turkish Conservatoire, the band Tralalka and this projekt with the Alevit Culture Center of Kreuzberg.
Here under the direction of Nevzat Akpınar, she plays the song from Mahsuni Åžerif: “Bu Yıl Benim YeÅŸil Bağım” during an evening dedicated to the dialog of culture.
It’s really nice to compare with the original:
PETRA NACHTMANOVA, Bu Yıl Benim Yeşil Bağım
23/04/2011, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin

Film by Stephan Talneau
Stephan Talneau, Sven Bohling
Stephan Talneau



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