Amine Mesnaoui – Portrait

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Film Released in Partnership with TIP BERLIN.
Article here:
I met Amine some years ago while he was playing his Fender Rhodes with the singer Antoine Villoutreix. He had a very particular way of working around the melody of the singer… placing notes to create a parralel world next to the singer’s voice. Soon after I realised his own story: floating between his own compositions and improvisation band, he uses his International Jazz education to create his own voice.
For this film we spent a day together. Speaking about music and himself, about Berlin and his position in Music. His pianio teacher Andreas Schmidt let him a precious Steinway to record two precious tracks.
The journalist Otis Chatzistefanou from the Berlin Agenda described his work like this:
“As a soloist, or with his Duo Simourgh project, Mesnaoui is unafraid to invoke spellbinding emotional states that transcend the austere context of an improvisational avant-garde ethos.By marrying the sparse romanticism of early 20th century European modernity a la Erik Satie to the languid orientalism of a hazy halftone improvisation culled from traditional Moroccan motifs, his compositions and manner address his dual European and North African heritage in a uniquely captivating way. Daringly, he chooses to express these two aspects on the iconic yet sparse instrument that is the piano, instigating an esoteric yet honest dialogue between remote worlds.”
11/10/2014, Lietzensee, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Piana Sound recording and mixing:
Florent Chaintiou from Nadanadi Studio
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