Dizzy Birds – Portrait

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Film Released in Partnership with TIP BERLIN.
Article here: http://www.tip-berlin.de/musik-und-party/berliner-moment-2-dizzy-birds
Composed of six young musicians from the 4 corners of Europe: France, Spain, Denmark and Germany, the group came together after many sessions in different clubs and other street or dance events.
So, it’s quite obvious that here on the Berliner scene, Dizzy Birds chose “to swing” and transmit their passion and incomparable energy which gives each of those who cross their melody, irresistible urge to dance the Charleston and Lindy Hop!
The entire repertoire is mainly based on the music from New Orleans of the 1920s, influenced by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Sydney Bechet, Jelly Roll Morton …
Dizzy Birds is also a member of « Syncopation Society Berlin »
We met them one evening in a laundromat in the Kreuzberg district where each of them was playing their instrument: Trumpet, banjo, trombone, etc. to the incessant rhythm of the washing machines.
Before we met them, I would have never imagined feeling that good in a laundromat …
Dizzy Birds is gonna make you dance, you can be sure about that !
21/01/2015, Washsalon 115, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Sound mixing:
Florent Chaintiou from Nadanadi Studio