The Story of Erkut Kaya & Sirin Erzincan

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Film Released in Partnership with TIP BERLIN.
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This episode is the last of the series that was produced in 2015: The story of Erkut Kaya and Sirin Erzincan.
During the research for his next project SazFilm (Arte, release in 2017), director Stephan Talneau came across this enchanting duo: Sirin Erzincan with her passionate voice and her charming personality and Erkut Kaya who played his Saz, the main turkish folk instrument, with a precision and emotion not often to be found.
Their songs are coming form an old tradition of turkish sang melodies dating from more than hundreds of years back. The instrument, the Saz, is the most reverred and loved instrument to play and tell these stories. When it is played in different places: in families, in cafes or in ceremonies…  people make silence and take the time to listen to what the singer has to say and transmit.
Stephan Talneau took the time to know Sirin and Erkut, visited them at home, followed them to play in parks, in concert in weddings and finally proposed them to play in a special place in Friedrichan: a bakery.
In 2016 and 2017, Stephan Talneau and his team will now produced an entire movie telling the Storie of the Saz.
A road-movie Documentary follow the tail of the instrument from Berlin to Eastern Europe.
Produced in collaboration with ARTE. The movie will be filmed in 2016 and finished in 2017.
You can follow this adventure here:

Erkut Kaya and Sirin Erzincan
21/01/2015, Hasenheide, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera: Stephan Talneau
Editing: Gerard Cañades
Sound mixing:
Florent Chaintiou from Nadanadi Studio