Wynton Kelly Stevenson – Portrait

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Film Released in Partnership with TIP BERLIN.
Article here: http://www.tip-berlin.de/musik-und-party/wynton-kelly-stevenson
Wynton Kelly Stevenson is a “One man Band”: Harmonica, Beatbox & Loopstation.
Born in New Jersey (USA), he was the son of Rudy Stevenson, also a great Jazz Gitarrist. On his side he trained since childhood and picked his influences from Jazz to hip-hop. Wynton created then his own musical universe and his now recognised as one of the gems of the alternative music scene from Berlin.
When he came in germany 8 years ago, he first came to join and help his sick father. And he also quickly armed himself with his loopstation, Harmonica, and his beatbox talent and raided the streets, clubs to perform with diverse performers from the Hip-hop scene: Unendliche Livez, Mc Bad Kat, LMNZ, Lady Daisey Batsauce und DJ und Giotto (Braintheft) and many others. Many of you in Berlin very probably already had the chance to hear the sound of his harmonica.
We had the chance to follow Wynton and his music during a week in a cold Berliner winter. Through diverse jam sessions, concerts we confide us from his life conditions as a musician in Berlin until his unique family history which led him to Berlin. Priceless moments, that we would like to share with you in pictures… and music.
03/12/2014, Neukölln, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Sound mixing:
Florent Chaintiou from Nadanadi Studio