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” “BerlinerMoment”, while being a creative project to its core, is at the same time, on another level, a politic initiative. It tells the story and reunites the different rythmes of the city through the musics and musicians from all around the world. Aside from Internet, this initiative found in the Villa Neukölln a special place where these stories could be shared and lived together. Its integrative power is then transferred in a live experience of music listening and playing, displaying the multiple influences of the music scene of this city.”  Yoreme Waltz – Dramaturge Sasha Waltz & Guests

“The audiovisual love letters inspired by Talneau and addressed to the Berlin music scene slowly but surely are amounting to a portrait gallery that immortalizes some of the most interesting musicians living, performing and creating in this city now, while the restrained and delicate atmosphere of the films achieves an elegant reticence that allows both beauty and reality to balance each other gracefully.”
Panagiotis Chatzistefanou – ex Chief Editor – Vogue Greece.

The movies from Stephan Talneau are not only aesthetically impressive. They represent and make justice to the music. They bind, each of them with a different focus, the global with the local, a theme which is very important for us. “BerlinerMoment” didn’t only contributed to spread our love of Balkan-music in the Internet and helped establishing ourselves as a band; above all, we consider the movies from Stephan Talneau as an important medium for our artistic self reflection, which always pushed our project forward.  Bruno Quélennec - Tralalka

“BerlinerMoment” shows what makes this city so exceptional: the people, the art, the spontaneous, the togetherness, the energy and the calm moments. And at some point, when we will be older, will we explain to our grandchildren what an incredible time we had here. Then will we show them the movies from Stephan Talneau.” Manuel Hornauer - PolkaGeist

“If you really want to feel what’s going on with the music in Berlin you’ve two choices: the first on is to fly to the city,the second one is to watch Berliner Moment.” Andrea Gozzi – I Matti delle Giuncaie

“Thanks to his videos, not only moments are captured, but also feelings, energie, humanity, like a travel through time and music. Stephan is on my side since a long time and I have the chance, that he portrayed my music and my work in such a beautiful way.”  Antoine Villoutreix

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