Bear’s Den – Hold on, we’re coming Home

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This is winter in Berlin: the ones taking a steps outside feel like adventurers, and the ones sheltered at home find their own way to spend time. That day, Bear’s Den found gave me the best excuse to stay inside and work.
This filming session was quite a special occasion. I didn’t film a band since a long time, when Bear’s Den contacted me to film a recording session in a studio not far from my house. It was one of the very first cold days of the winter in Berlin, with snow suddenly bursting out of the sky in the morning taking everybody by surprise. The ambiance that day was cosy, concentrated, all the ingredients were here for a great inspirational day.
Bear’s Den have been starting their career not so long ago, and started to tour the world with a rapidly growing public. You can read more about them on this lovely article that tmrwmagazine wrote for the release of the video.
Here they met to record again, recording a cover from Drake that they play on stage since two years. They also research new songs for their future album to be released this year. Keep an eye out for them, they will probably play around a corner in Berlin pretty soon!
BEARS DEN, Hold on, we’re coming home (Drake Cover)
06/12/2013, Golden Retriever Studio, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Sound recording: Stephan Talneau
Sound Mixing: Andrew Davie


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