Traded Pilots – Sally Gardens

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Last week, my friend Emma Greenfield proposed me to film a concert of her last project with the violonist Sam Vance-Law: Traded Pilots.
We were welcome in an unexpectedly fun waschsalon (laundry!) of the neighbourhood “Moabit” in Berlin. This place being also converted as a unexpectedly lovely coffe by is owner Freddy Leck.
This small magical moment actually happened in a small room of the cafe when the musicians were warming up. I must say that I am now completely enchanted by these two people and there cover of Sally Garden.
I am posting this very quickly now, christmas is coming, and the ambiance fit well with the tune, so enjoy… and merry christmas to all of you.
TRADED PILOTS – Sally Gardens
16/12/2011, Freddy Leck, sein Waschsalon, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing, sound :
Stephan Talneau
Traded Pilots:
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