Tralalka – Flowmarkt In Berlin

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I must admit, Tralalka are my friends and I can’t help following them around with my camera. I already followed them during their first recording and that day, they improvised a concert during a flowmarkt next to the canal in Kreuzberg.
In this tune, the people started to sing and some other even started trying out tango steps on the music.
It was one of their first appearance on an “open stage” and we had the chance to see the public responding to the music for the first time.
Some more to come soon of course 🙂
TRALALKA, Pri Odlazku
11/08/2011, Flowmarkt, Maybachufer Ufer, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing, Sound:
Stephan Talneau




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