Tralalka – Orera

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I follow Tralalka since they started the band, I actually was here where the first members met for the first time “somewhere between Berlin and Istanbul”. Since then, I am trying to take care of all their visual work and experiment with website, photos and other visual fun.
I remember two years ago in autumn, we all took the train to the polish frontier and locked ourself in a country house where the great sound engineer Volker Wendich improvised a recording studio in the lounge.
Orera was the last of the track we recorded this weekend, the other musicians left to catch the train and we stayed at 4 people to record this just before leaving… just a few takes were necessary, the light was wonderful, and the voices… well, you just have to listen…
Tralalka released the video at the same time on an EP which recieved good reviews. We did a photoshoot where we managed to have some fun until 5 in the morning. And I collaborated with the Bassist Wukash and the band to create a nice visual LayoutNow, end of june 2013, Tralalka will be recording their new EP with great tracks. More about this very soon.
15/10/2011, Wukasch’s House, Kyritz
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Sound: Volker Wendish
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Slow Video? > Watch on YOUTUBE
Slow Video? > Watch on YOUTUBE
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