Transit Room – Copacabana Callboy 86

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Andreas Waelti’s Berlin based band «Transit Room» was founded in 2006. The main goal was it, to form a group which should blur the borders of free improvised and composed music. But Andreas Waelti not only wanted to perform his own music; instead he was taking care to implement the creativity of his bandmembers as arrangers and composers. As a result, it can be heard a very versatile soundmixture in his transit room.
All members have the fact in common that they can create special worlds of sound in “Transit Room“, which initially rattle our listening habits, but to which we can no longer (and no longer want to) return to afterward.
I met AndreasWaelti 4 years ago when he was playing as a guest at one of Antoine Villoutreix’s performances. Later I learned that he had participated in the innovative project Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra which played live with one of my favourite bands – The Notwist.
When we met up in Vienna in September he told me more about his personal project: Transit Room. Listening to it later, I was taken by the richness of every track: it felt like reading a story: surprising and fascinating at every angle. We decided to make a video where the challenge would be to produce a good sound recording as well as a good film. We looked into several places and Andreas came up with the opportunity to shoot and record in the gigantic Funkhaus Studio P4 in Berlin.
The Funkhaus Studios were built in the 50′s and designed to host all programs of the GDR National Radio. Today, they are kept in original condition, visually impressive and incredible in sound thanks to precise measurements and wooden constructions on the inside. They have been used by Bjork, Sting, the Black Eyed Peas, and many others, including also several film score recordings in the huge orchestral studio, one of Daniel Barenboim’s favourites as we were told.
As soon as we entered our studio, Martin Ruch started to lay out the mics. We decided on how the sound would be recorded and how the camera would be allowed to move around the musicians without getting in their way.
In half a day we recorded 5 tracks, each of them composed by different members of the band. I created 5 films that you can see here.
We also did a nice relaxed photoshoot in the backyard of the studio.
Transit Room – Copacabana Callboy `86 - 345 Cypher - Ballad – Bang - Szymczak
14/11/2012, Funkhaus Studio P4, Berlin
Alto sax: Clemens Salesny
Trombone: Samuel Blaser
Guitar: Samuel Halscheidt
Bass: Andreas Waelti
Drums: Tobias Backhaus
Film by Stephan Talneau
Camera, Editing: Stephan Talneau
Photos: Stephan Talneau
Sound & Mix: Martin Ruch (Weltchall)
Transit Room:

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