Trike – Gumball for shthefffann

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There is much to say about Trike, and the film shows how many Berliners got to see them the first time. For about a year, this two were to be seen very regularly in the metro, managing to stand out in the colorfull crowd of street musician in the city. Playing around with people and inventing new ways to explain their presence to the metro security officers.
Synth-Pop “Trike” exists actually since 2003 from the duo formed by Xania Keane and Stephen Paul Taylor, they won a contest in canada after which they decided to move in Berlin to produce more of their music. When you start looking out for them, you realise that they actually produced an incredible amount of hilariously creative youtube videos and blog on their website.
Recently Trike released their “Final” album, “slapped” independently produced and released online.
Right now, Trike is having a break while the two musicans still relentlessly create new tracks and shows for their own projects. Xania Keane is now recording her solo album in Canada and Stephen Paul Taylor is composing and regularly playing in Berlin, you’ll probably stumble onto him at some point.
Check them both out, it won’t stop before long…

Trike – Gumball for shtheffann
24/02/2012, Berlin
Film by Stephan Talneau
Stephan Talneau
Clementine Decremps
Sound & Mix:
Florent Chaintiou, Stephen Paul Taylor


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